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Legal Disclaimer

The Oz Investor website is specifically an investment information source. We do not provide advice, and recommend that you consult with your accountant, broker, lawyer or financial advisor before embarking on any investment, whether recommended on this website or not.

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Investors who use the Oz Investor service provided by iOnline Pty Ltd do so on the condition that they fully understand the suitability of the investment having regard to the taxation and social security environment of the investment, the need for diversification of investments by investment sector, manager and particular investment, their need for liquidity and the possibility of declines in value of their investments.

iOnline Pty Ltd gives no warranty whatsoever as to the taxation or social security treatment of any investment.

All information contained in this site and links therefrom is subject to change without notice.

Where iOnline Pty Ltd suggests other organisations to advise investors, iOnline Pty Ltd makes the suggestion in good faith genuinely believing the other organisation is capable of providing the necessary advice but accepts no responsibility for the advice.


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