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Tax and You

It is said that there are but two certainties in the world - death and taxes. Well, there aren't too many loopholes that can help you avoid the first one, but you can reduce your tax expenditure through investing and managing your money intelligently.

Herein, we'll present a range of hints that will both reduce your tax burden, and help you to deal with the government's new tax system.

Minimising Tax

A Charitable Tax Break (NineMSN Money, May 23rd 2001)
Of all tax-minimisation strategies, perhaps the most rewarding, both personally and in a communal sense, is philanthropy. This article describes some of the vehicles available to those who would like to take a tax break, while helping others to live more comfortably.

Tax Reform

The New Tax System
This is the official site from the Australian Taxation Office outlining the government's new taxation system, and how it affects your business, investments and/or consumer behaviour.

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