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Welcome to OZ INVESTOR - A guide to clever investment for all Australians

Contact Details

Oz Investor has been created as an information source only. At present, we do not have sufficient staff to facilitate financial advice services, though we intend to offer this in the future. Thus, while we welcome you to contact us will any queries or comments that you may have regarding the website, or your personal investment situation, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a reply.

We will, though, respond to many questions in the form of articles and an upcoming "Your Letters" section. When contacting us, please let us know whether or not you are comfortable having your letter printed publicly, along with your first initial, surname and town of residence.

Having said this, feel free to contact us via email, fax (07 5594 9052) or post (Oz Investor News, PO Box 150, Arundel, Qld, 4214).

Article Submission

If you would like to submit an investment-related article to us for publishing purposes, please submit this via email, along with your name and relevant credentials (if applicable). We reserve the right to decide which articles are published, and reserve the right also to edit these works for grammatical and/or factual accuracy as necessary.


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