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Business-related Issues

Managing your own business or company can be infinitely rewarding, but it can also provide several financial challenges. In order to best respond to market conditions and in order to best provide conditions that foster growth, knowledge is required.

Here at Oz Investor, we hope to provide a foundation of information that can help you identify and take advantage of investment, education and taxation-related strategies that are available to businesses in the know. In addition, you should seek industry-specific advice from others involved in your industry, or from your accountant/lawyer. This sort of knowledge can help your business to grow and thrive, to the best of its abilities.

Internal Articles:

Successful Development Starts with Vision - written by David Carrithers
While aimed at employees, this article presents a guide to the mindset that can hamper development and innovation within an organisation, while suggesting tactics that can alleviate this paradox.

The Franchise Alternative - written by Elena Fawkner
Launching a news business from scratch is often a leap of faith. One way to increase your chances of success is by buying into an established franchise. This article weighs up the pros and cons involved with doing so, while outlining what you should look for (or expect) from a franchise deal.

Checklist of Questions to Answer Before Buying a Franchise - written by D.M. Brown
Buying into an established business system, complete with a recognizable brand, can provide a relatively affordable and stable entry into management. Judging whether a franchise offer presents value to the buyer, though, can be challenging. This article provides a checklist of questions that should be answered to one's satisfaction before progressing with the deal.

Where Credit is Due: Easy financing for your home business? - written by Donna Schwartz Mills
Despite their high interest rates, credit cards can provide a convenient source of capital to startup firms and home businesses.

15 Rules For Success in Small Business - written by Elena Fawkner
Inspired by a list of Colin Powell's 15 Rules for Success, Elena Fawkner presently offers an analysis as to how each of this power-points can be translated into real-world business principles.

Time Management: Throw out your schedule! - written by Chris Wilkinson
Small and home-based businesses need to be run efficiently, and at a rate that can be sustained. In order to maintain growth, while not neglecting the more mundane tasks, a manager must place due emphasis on basic principles of time management.

Getting Paid: Minimising Bad Debts in Your Small Business - written by Elena Fawkner
The success of a small business in its early stages depends heavily upon its cashflow. You could view debt collection as a painful process, or as a valuable management skill that, when performed well, can be the telling factor in whether your business survives through the tough times. Here, Elena presents some basic tips for effective invoicing and debt collection.

Relationship Marketing: A lesson in mentoring - written by Harvey Bucklin
No business can expect to survive without treating its customers well. Here, Harvey Bucklin describes how best to develop positive relationships with one's clients, and how this personal relationship can be leveraged to produce more sales.

Related Links

  • BRW - The online version of the popular Business Review Weekly magazine. Packed with handy tips for managers.
  • Business Entry Point - The government's information guide for small business owners.
  • Mind Tools - A valuable collection of tools, systems and advice to assist you in building new business processes and developing your leadership skills.
  • The Small Business Site - News, calculators and valuable articles aimed at small business managers, care of NineMSN.
  • BizReview - A solid source of news and information for business owners and managers.


Asia Pac Firms Are Customer-Focused (eMarketer, December 12th)
A PA Consulting report determined that 85% of companies surveyed in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong are implementing "capturing customer value" plans.

The True Cost of Overseas IT Outsourcing (E-Commerce Times, December 5th)
For enterprises that want to cut IT costs, one answer is to ship some high-tech work overseas, to places like India, Singapore, the Philippines and even Russia or China. One advantage of using overseas workers falls into the "time-is-money" category: U.S.-based teams and overseas workers can work virtually around the clock because of time differences.

The Emergence of 'Collaborative Commerce' (Datamation, December 3rd)
Creating a collaborative network of trade partners is key to strong business growth, according to a new study by Deloitte Consulting.

Outsourcing Offshore - The Inside Story (ASPnews, 7th November, 2002)
A Fortune 100 company decides to outsource its contact center to India. Go behind the scenes as an IT consultant offers a look at the painstaking evolution of a successful outsourcing implementation.

Disaster Recovery: A Preparation Checklist (Datamation, 12th September, 2002)
Disaster recovery experts say a company's future literally can hinge on how well-prepared it is for a serious outage. Here are some recommendations for companies preparing for the worst.

Telecommuting Gains Ground (CyberAtlas, 19th July, 2002)
Given the choice between a pay raise and an opportunity to telecommute, one-third will choose home sweet home, a poll from the Positively Broadband Campaign revealed.

SOHO Startup (E-Commerce Guide, 15th July, 2002)
Depending on the size and type of business, you should be able to begin your home-based venture fairly easily if you've made the necessary preparations and done some research. While this article is aimed at the American audience, the basic procedures expressed hold true on this side of the Pacific also.


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