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Saving for Retirement

Undoubtedly you would have heard the fears of governments around the world recently as the baby boomer generation nears retirement age. Federal pension and medicare funds both in Australia and overseas are strapped for cash, and simply will not be able to offer the level of support that they did in the past, unless taxes are raised to compensate.

Since neither our politicians or citizens want tax hikes, we must now take responsibility for securing our own futures through investment. The most crucial of these long-term retirment funds is superannuation. Superannuation funds can vary widely in terms of risk and return, though, and must be considered as carefully as any investment decision.


Maximising Super in 2009/10 (Michael Lannon, 16th April, 2010)
Most, if not all, investors will have been adversely affected by the share market falls which have translated to negative returns on their super balances. The changes to super rules announced in the Federal Budget in 2009 will also have an impact on investors who were planning to make substantial contributions to super in anticipation of further market recovery. The reduction in the amount that can now be contributed may necessitate a review of existing strategies in order to meet retirement goals.

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