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Loans and Financing

Most companies and individuals will require loans and other credit-based financial support in order to survive and grow. In fact, obtaining money on credit to further your investments can move a well-equipped investor into a more beneficial financial environment. Within these pages, we will address both of these issues (the necessity loan and the investment loan).

Reducing your Mortgage

While most financial advisors will call you owm home a liability, and will encourage you to use it as security against investment loans, or suggest that you rent and invest in shares or rental properties instead, many Australians will nevertheless aim to own their own home. This is because there is a strong emotional bond that many Australians feel towards their land, and towards providing tangible security for their family. As such, Oz Investor will help you to compare the various residential home loans on offer, in order to find the one that is best for you.

Debt Consolidation

  • Fox Symes - If youíre having problems with your debts, visit this site to find out how Fox Symes has already helped over 14,000 Australians eliminate their debts fast. They have been featured on both Today Tonight and A Current Affair for their remarkable ability to assist Australians in debt. If you're currently having trouble managing debt and believe you could benefit from a restructuring of that debt, perhaps Fox Symes can help.

Home Loans

  • Aussie Home Loans compares 100`s of home loans from a wide range of lenders. Whether youíre buying your first home, refinancing or investing they can find the home loan that suits you.
  • MyRate gives Australians the ability to apply online for loans at competitive rates. Visit their website today to secure an instant pre-approval on your next first home buyer's or property investment loan.

Personal Loans

  • Australian Internet Loans provides free loan eligibility assessments and interest rate comparisons for Australian residents seeking a personal loan for any worthwile purpose. They provide access to over 40 Aussie lenders from one simple enquiry form - allowing them to cater to the needs of a broad range of customer requirements and to provide the best loan options irrespective of credit status. No credit checks.

Car Loans

  • National Loan Solutions offer a complete range of tailored car finance, personal car finance and car loan solutions. You can use their unique online tools to get a car finance quote and online car finance approval in less than 60 seconds. Or, with their range of car finance tools & calculators, articles, tips and FAQs, you can improve your understanding of car finance. They are a car loan broker for all Australians.



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