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Strategies of the Successful

In Australia, our school systems focus on developing skills that will help our children to find jobs and establish a pre-defined place in society. While mathematics is cumpulsory in most schools, and while economics and accounting are on offer as electives in many places, very little attention is paid to educating Australians in the ways of money. Maybe it's because of the negative stigma attached to getting ahead in society, or the fact that the current schooling system is established to create good employees, not employers.

What this means is that most of us are forced to acquire our knowledge of money through self-research and experimentation. Well, in order to give you a helping hand, and to minimise your losses, we've brought together a variety of tips and strategies from successful investors. While you should always embark on your own research and educational pursuits before settling on any major investment, these should give you a few handy tips as to the thinking of those who have made it.


Book Reviews: Cult of Personality (E-Commerce Guide, 26.7.2002)
There's a genre of business literature best described as a kind of hagiography. It depicts not the actual lives of business leaders but graphic depictions of their exploits. By looking at how others have made it in the business world, the thinking goes, you too can find the path to fame and fortune.

Broker First, Web Second (CyberAtlas, 18.7.2002)
A survey of high-income professionals in the U.S. revealed a continued reliance on professional advisors, but online information sources rank highest for independent research.

Day Trading: It's not that easy, you know (The Irish Times, 18.9.2000)
During the highs of the tech boom, a new star emerged on the investment scene. To be sure, experienced investors had seen their ilk before, but with a lowering of the barriers-to-entry, the Day Trader became commonplace. Stories abounded with reports of fast-trading prodigies doubling their money every few days. As soon as the market turned against them, though, the inherent dangers of this high-risk investment (or gambling?) technique became apparent. This article illuminated such dangers, and attempts to dispose of the glorified myth surrounding day trading.


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