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Welcome to OZ INVESTOR - A guide to clever investment for all Australians


Property Investment

People will always need to live and work somewhere, so the real estate market will always exist. As such, property investment has been favored by investors for hundreds of years.

Investing in bricks-and-mortar provides several advantages above-and-beyond the returns that the investment itself generates, in terms of negative-gearing investments or otherwise using the property as security against further loans or tax savings. This makes property investment a valuable component of an investment portfolio.

Shopping Around

Without doubt, the most crucial aspect of property investment comes before any sale is made, and before financing is secured; that is, research!

Whether you're looking for a bargain-basement unit or a luxury estate, the true value of your investment will only be realised if the property that you purchase is located in a popular area, and if it is priced well compared to similar properties in the area.

A great place to start as far as research and price-comparisons are concerned is the L.J. Hooker website. L.J. Hooker are the largest real estate franchise network in Australia, making their online property listings possibly the most extensive of their type in Australia. Regardless of whether you wish to buy your property through L.J. Hooker or not, this unmatched coverage is an valuable cross-comparison resource.

Another searchable online database of current properties for sale within Australia and New Zealand is Property Page. This site aggregates listings of houses, units, rural, commercial, business and land from over 3600 real estate agencies.

If you're still stuck for information, try Homepath. It's packed full of tips, tables, articles and so forth with the investment property-buyer in mind. Homes Online is the News Limited version of Homepath, loaded with info and rates for home renters, buyers and investors.


Aussie Wants Full Web Broking (australia.internet.com, 13th November, 2002)
Aussie Mortgage Market plans to have a full, online customer distribution channel for its new home loan broking service within the next 12 months. The plan is part of its stated aim to become the leading mortgage broker within its first year of trading.

Yes, It's Okay To Walk Away From Your Mortgage (15th January, 2010)
As many begin to realize that it will be many years (if not decades) before their houses are worth what they owe on them, the idea of walking away from your mortgage is going mainstream.

Related Links

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  • Domain.com.au - Looks at property investment from every angle. Includes everything from listings of available properties, through to renovation tips to increase value.
  • Mortgage 101 - Although aimed at a US-based audience, this site is loaded with valuable information and articles regarding those strategies that can help you make the most of your real estate investments, while minimising your own mortgage.
  • Mortgage Watchdog claims that 54% of monthly loan statements contain errors and that the average monthly error is $242. On an annual basis, these sort of errors could be costing you a small fortune. MortgageWatchdog software can show you how to find errors in your bank statements and give you the tools to get back your money from the bank. Includes a money back guarantee.

Home Loans

  • Aussie Home Loans compares 100`s of home loans from a wide range of lenders. Whether you’re buying your first home, refinancing or investing they can find the home loan that suits you.
  • MyRate gives Australians the ability to apply online for loans at competitive rates. Visit their website today to secure an instant pre-approval on your next first home buyer's or property investment loan.



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